the boy and his castle.

My life is kinda like a visit by the beach.

I’m a little boy, armed with an assortment of buckets and shovels of
various size.. Each of an unique and individual usage.

But not all are compulsory, I may use the large bucket and forget about
the smallest one….and vise versa and smallest shovel is used and the
large one is kept.

I’m a small boy with a mission. An Architect with an undertaking. An
Civil engineer with charge.

To create a castle of sandy magnificence, a palace of granular
grandeur, a city by the beach.

So I build, I start with the bucket, upending it to construct a tower
and digging a moat around the mighty fort.

And so I call the nifty assemble of silicon – ‘Fort Immanuel’ named
after the creator, the small but creative craftsman.

But then a force greater than my own comes along. A force so great that
the castle walls cannot resist. The tide is rising. The creator smiles.

He anticipates the inevitable and welcomes the waves.

And so the end approaches, the boy is prepared.

And as his fort gets drawn away to the watery abyss, the boy claps and
cheers. It’s end was a noble one. The fall was great yet honourable.

“An effort well-spent” Says the boy.

And as He continue watching his beloved castle sinking into it’s moist
grave. He begins to stand up and reaches for his father’s hand.

“Alright, Lets go home now.” Says the Child to his

And so Father and Son return home. After a fruitful summers day by the
beautiful beach called life.

And on the the other side of the beach, a city bustling with activity.
A man is in his office in the middle of the prime area called life.

He builds his towers with stacks of projects. He digs moats though
taxes. And constructs walls of bank statements.

He’s like the boy, determined. But unlike the boy; the man is harsh,
butual and bitter. His drive is anger and resentment. Whereas the boy
is driven by pure childish passion and ambition.

And so the tide gathers, the man ignores it. He avoids the inevitable
by sheer ignorance. He makes his defence though – Harden heart and
bitter bones. He prepares a scapegoat for blame.

The defence is feeble though. The end approachs and the waves hit,
dragging the castle into it’s watery grave.

Unlike the boy, the man does not rejoices, He panics. And with
resentment he asks:

“Is this what life has to offer me?”


Both builder of castles, both driven. But similarities cease when the
waves approaches.

The boy declares though his castle : “This is what I offered
to life! A fort!”

But the man laments though his rubble:

“Is this what life
offered to me? A fault?!”

And so the man departs from the office and to a bar. Late
nights with sinful passions. He crumbles like a cookie. He gazes around
with a sly look, talking about the years that died and wasted and the
man binds himself with the wrong person. He finds out that He’s a

Whereas the boy departs from the beach and to the woods. Late nights
with joyful passions. He plays catch with his Dad, while chewing on his
cookie. They gaze at the sky, talking about the day’s events and the
boy bonds with his Father.

My life is like the little boy, and I pray I do not end up like the man.

The castles in my life, I hold them dear. But they are not what life is
all about. The end is inevitable. Rejoice when trials come, they only
clean the whiteboard for me to write again.

I fall. I WILL fall. Like my castles will crumble. But I’ll stand up

PSLE, O’ Levels, Diploma, Degrees – They’re only sand castles, I build
them but they’ll fade away.

Some castles and harder to build, some harder to fall. But they’ll fall
no doubt.

So why should I despair when a tower falls.

Instead I should REJOICE! Although play-time is over. Daddy’s gonna
bring me home. Daddy’s will bring me to the beach another day to build
sand-castles again.

And the day in the beach is not just building castles. The joy of the
beach includes sand castles and waves but it’s more that that. It’s
about time spent with the ones you love.

The message behind this story?

The beach is life. Castles are accomplishments in your life. The wave
is the inevitable expiry date for all accomplishments and also include
your own expiry.

The father is Abba Daddy in heaven.

Play-time is seasons in life where you perform certain life changing
actions or accomplish certain goals.

Home is your secret life, also stands for heaven.

My point in this story is life is full of seasons, full of Ups and full
of Downs.

Hold dear to the Ups but don’t bet your life on it. The bible says
guard thy heart for it is the spring of life. don’t sell yourself
short. The ‘Ups’ in life have expiry dates. You can’t ignore the

Yet don’t not depise the downs, the whiteboard of your life may be
messed up right now. ‘Downs’ don’t pull you lower, but instead cleans
the messed up board for a new and fresh plan. A New shot for a new
‘life’. That is why God allows downs.

And as for the lament of the man in the story?

“Is this what life offered to me? A fault?!”

You can’t take much out from life. but you can offer it something. Live
a life of significance, leave a mark on the ‘beach’. You came to life
with nothing, You’ll leave life with nothing. Life has little to offer
you but heart breaks and a roller-cooster ride.

But Jesus has everything to offer you. A trip home and a trip to the
beach together for a sand castle building session.

This time HE builds, you marvel. =)