the Kingdom.

imagine a tyrant,

once a subject of the former King.

…murdered His Lord in cold blood and usurped the Throne.

He ruled the Kingdom with an iron fist, demanded tribute from all, even from the outskirts of the kingdom.
The tyrant, raised the taxes, treated his vassals as slaves. Only the tyrant and his overlords enjoyed the fruit of the land.

The tyrant demanded perfection.

the courtesans had to dress a certain manner.

only certain crops can be planted and a specific amount of grain is to be offered as less..

even the poor had to beg in a specific manner if not they are thrown to the dungeon.

then came a hero.

a knight from the former order of the King. a knight who swore a blood oath to his Lord.
and this knight had to avenge the treachery upon his master’s blood.

So the hero, with his fellow knights from the former order, rode to the tyrant’s castle.

and fought their way to the steps of the tainted throne.

….much blood was shed, many knights fell under the sword of the tyrant’s guards.

but the hero prevailed, slew the perfidious tyrant. And presented his head to the suffering folk. And declared freedom to the land.

the people rejoiced and beseeched the hero to become their King.

and so the people enthroned the hero and made his fellow knights – dukes.

but as soon as the hero came to power.

the people returned to their previous ways.

the courtesans returned to the palace, bringing along the perfection they’ve attained through the years.

the King pleaded with the women. “Return to your homes, you are free”

but the women refused and pleaded to stay, but the King who didn’t believe in virtueless entertainment, sent them away.

the peasants still paid their taxes, the same amount the tyrant demanded. They grew the same crops and still went through heavy labour.

the King pleaded, “brethen, need not you follow the ways of old, you are free men, I require nothing but only a small token. I desire to rob nothing from your livelihood.”

but the men refused and were appalled at the request and chased the King and his men away from their land.

though the King had set the kingdom free from the presence of the tyrant. but the folk were not free from the tyrant’s rule. in their hearts were duty and perfection.

the King lamented,

“I had not demanded perfection for your salvation, why do you demand perfection from yourself? why do you demand to work for what I’ve already given you? Why yoke yourself to bondage I’ve already broken?

the same.

if Jesus didn’t demand perfection for us to be saved..why demand perfection upon ourselves now?

if Jesus had died on the cross as payment for our sin,

why should we atone for our shortcomings?

It’s the blood of Jesus that perfects us.

duty insults grace.

the tithe is not tax. neither is the work of our hands – tribute.

(: but all that I do is the result of my salvation.

I do what I do, I live because I am free.

only the free can truly offer sacrifice.

only the free has a will. and sacrifice requires will.

worship is a choice. (:

grace is a decision. the decision made to save me, love, perfect and prosper me.