the kite.

my first, and favourite yet.

Chapter 1

Once a kite was made, with many shades and colours.
it was beautiful with a pretty tail.

but the kite never got to fly.
it never touched the sky nor did it caress the wind.

though the kite was made to fly,
without the wind, it just lay on the table.

there were times a gentle breeze blew,
the kite felt the breeze but stayed still.

“is this flying?” thought the kite.
without a gust, or a squall,
the kite mistook a breeze for the wind…

Chapter 2
…then came the sweltering heat of April’s sun,
the kite lay on the table basking in summer’s heat;
blending in with the multitudes of heather and amaranthus,
at a brief glance, one might mistake the kite for one of the summer blossoms.
One day, the kite befriended a bee,
who often visits the garden where he stayed.
While the bee was busily buzzing around with her duties.
the kite posed a question to the bee.
Though hesitated, the kite asked the striped bumblebee:
“How do you fly?”
Sally, the bumblebee, still buzzing replied with a drawl:
“Well, Mr Kite you’ve asked the right gal,
when it comes to flying, us bumblebees clock the most miles.”
The kite was elated, his tail twirled with joy.
“Finally, my chance off this table and into the sky!”
So the kite listened intently as the bee lectured on flight…

Chapter 3
…buzzing busily was Sally, giving her lecture on flight,
the dynamics of flight, the philosophy of flight and…
‘how to fly’ – the kite’s favourite subject.
When Sally finally came to the part of ‘how to fly’,
She simply said this:
“Flutter your wings vigorously, don’t stop trying,
flap till you fly, if you not flying, it’s obvious you’re not trying!”
Now the kite was confused, “How much flapping is enough?”
Sally looked at the kite, puzzled and surprised.
“Don’cha know you gotta keep working those wings,
there is never ‘enough’, ever saw a bee not working?”
and she scoffed at the kite and buzzed away.
Now the kite was alone, he tried flapping,
but you know kites don’t flap – they can’t.
So the kite lay on the table,
not being able to even ‘float’ for a second.
He tried, it’s not like he did not,
But he could not.
So the kite could only glance at a sky He’ll never reach,
feel only a breeze but never fly.
It hurts to dream when you know you cannot live that dream….
Chapter 4
Another day went by; the kite of many colours lay on his table,
unable to do anything but witness the daily changes in the garden.
Summer has past, and fall has just merely began,
the kite envied even the falling leaves of the maple tree,
“Even they get to taste a short moment of ‘flight’
Before they land and become no more.
I would give anything to fly”
One morning the kite woke to the sound of chirping,
and he saw a family of sparrows in the wooden
birdhouse hung on the great maple tree.
“finally some friends” He thought.
the kite wiggled his brightly coloured tail,
hoping the sparrows would notice him;
and so they did. One little sparrow flew over to meet him.
“Hi, I’m Kim, I’m a sparrow, what are you? How’s your day?”
Said the little sparrow in one sentence without taking a breath.
While the kite was still trying to decipher what Kim just said,
the sparrow shot a few more questions to the poor kite:
“I know,I know! you’re a kite! Can you fly? Can you fly?,
Can you touch the rainbow? Nice tail! Who made it?”
As soon as Kim finished your sentence, her brother flew over.
“Kim, don’t talk to the dumb kite, Can’t you see? It can’t fly,
Now follow me back to the birdhouse, pronto. “ said her brother.
The kite was hurt;
The words of the sparrow cut deep into his little paper heart.
“How do you know I can’t fly?
Don’t you know that I’m just lying here, taking a break?”
rebutted the kite self-righteously.
(But inside the kite knew could not fly and he was lying)
So the sparrow calmly replied:
“I know you can’t, you have wings but you can’t flap them,
See that wooden cross you have there, it can never help you fly,
besides if dumb kite like you could fly,
you’ll wouldn’t be lying here in a garden shed. You should be in the skies”
and the sparrow mocked the kite some more before he flew back to the birdhouse.
And the kite was lonely once more.
He couldn’t live his dream, now he had no friends.
So the kite sighed, resigned to his fate.
And spent the winter alone.
Chapter 5
Winter blew a harsh tempest, the air was cold and stale.
The kite hid in the shed, hoping the chill would not consume him.
Day after day, the kite woke up seeing nothing but snow.
Winter wasn’t wonderland to the kite,
it was harsh and it reminded the kite of his fate.
“I’ll never fly, i’ll never amount to anything!” cried the kite.
With a constant squall and bitter gale,
The kite was finally numbed by the cold,
and dreaded the thought of the coming spring.
To spite himself, the kite tore away his pretty tail.
and snapped his wooden frame.
The kite was very bitter indeed.
and when spring finally arrived,
the kite looked as though he was dead.
Torn and tattered.
He looked nothing like the glorious kite He once was.
Numbed and silent the kite just lay on the table – lifeless.
A sorry sight to all who visited the shed.
But one sunny spring morning,
a man walked into the shed, and saw the poor broken kite.
without saying a word, he picked up the kite and placed on the workbench.
He fixed the frame, replaced the wings and gave the kite a new tail.
The new frame looked better than before,
it was lacquered and glistened in the sun.
The wings were even more glorious then before.
it had a beautiful print of a eagle and it’s wings were wider than before.
and the tail was longer and more beautiful than the last.
it was purple, blue, and bright red, with streaks of gold and silver all over.
“Do you remember me?” asked the stranger as he did final touch-up.
The kite couldn’t remember, it was all so long ago,
and the last thing he remembered was the winter.
“I made you.” said the man.
and the kite looked at the man’s face,
he couldn’t remember the face,
but suddenly the voice of the stranger felt strangely familiar.
“You made me?” asked the kite in disbelief.
“Yes, I made you.” replied the man, as he tied golden threads to the kite’s frame.
and the man lifted the kite and said:
“I made you to fly.”
and a gust of wind blew and the kite flew.
He went higher and higher to the sky.
The kite was afraid. He had never taken flight before,
and suddenly He was so far away from the ground.
The man shouted:
 “Don’t worry, the golden threads will never break, I’m holding on to you!”
with this assurance, the kite flew higher.
and as the kite climbed higher into the sky,
he met some familiar faces.
Sally, the bumblebee who believed you need to work to fly.
Kim’s older brother, the sparrow who mocked the kite and laughed at his frame.
the kite smiled at them as he flew higher than all of them.
He realised that he didn’t need to flap to fly and he was made to fly.
and all he needed was someone who believed in him,
and of course the wind not a breeze!
The bee and the sparrow stared in shock and wonder at the kite.
“How did he fly?”
Simple, by the strength of the wind.
and that wind was grace.