i have ran out of words.

I have ran of out of words.

I’m sick, i’m tired and I’m sick of being tired.

To plead, to ask – I have turned too weak. My lips are parched and my soul weary. Where can I find rest? Where can I find drink to sooth my thirst.

I have no more to ask but to ask just this. Show me mercy. Show me grace. All my troubles are my own undoing but still my Lord. Show me grace.

I am the sheep who leaves the ninety-nine. The stubborn lamb that never stays.

I am the prodigal son who wasted his life and returns wasted.

All I see is pain and hurts. But show show me your healing and your love.

Only you have that power, only you are willing. Lord be with me and save me from my troubles.

Remember always it for me that you came, died and set free.