let go.

and man looks at the letter of retrenchment..and crushes it, He is bewildered.

and a guy reads the letter of rejection, crushes it – hurt.

the man takes the bulk of bills, at lost, crushes – screams.

the man receives the report – He has cancer -dumbfounded, He crushes the report…

somehow bad reports always end up crushed, and gripped tightly…

one day, a man…
drank from a cup, he could have refused..

reports crushed are held on so tightly, knuckles turn white as the pressure is applied.

why, hold on so tightly…

because of pain?

and it was hard to let go of the reports…

after the man drank from the cup,
he spoke, may your will be done…he stood and he walked.

this time, he had strength no more;
as he lay down upon the floor.
mangled and crushed, no beauty nor form
with arms wide open, and palms unclenched.
as bolts of iron hammered though the open palms.

he let his palms stay opened for those whose hands gripped closed.
and let the holes prove his love for you.

open up and let go for your pain, shame and fears…

open up your hands and receive love, healing and hope..

He received the cup meant for me and you, he opened his palms for you to open up too.

Let go of the crushed items, and be restored.

Let go because he held the nails for you.

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