you are not cheap.

you are not cheap.

Ignore the voices that shout: “Mundane! Worthless!”

You are not the reflection on the mirror, nor the face on the yearbook.

You are more that just anyone. You are not cheap.

Is the reflection on the mirror all that you see?
Does the picture on the yearbook define who you really are?

Christ shed His own blood to redeem you, you are not cheap.

You are not defined by your talents, your appearance nor your gifts. Are not all gifts from God? Are you not made in the image of God?

You may be wondering what gifts do you even have, you may be questioning if you had any calling?

Be Still, Quiet down your soul. We may not know all things, but we are all on a journey of discovery.

Be anxious for nothing, you are not cheap, nor are you worthless. Christ died, paid the highest paid for your salvation. Do not judge nor value yourself any lesser than your neighbor, Jesus is with you.

You are not cheap.


You are the fairest of ten thousand, a priceless pearl and precious treasure.

You are beautiful not through your works but through your identity. Who you are matters more than what you’ve done.

What is talent before the eyes of the Fatherly God? What is gifts to the one of gives?

Do not be envious because you see lack in yourself, what do you lack if you have Jesus?

You see a person faster, smarter, stronger, fairer, better than you, possessing talents, gifts, beauty you deem you lack.

Why be envious? Is not the Creator your husband-man? Is not Jesus your closest friend?

What would He withhold from you if He had already given up His own life, transverse Heaven, Earth and Hell to rescue you?

You are not cheap, neither is your Saviour.

This is grace, not finite but infinite. Grace is Power to enable you, Beauty that transforms you, Love that encourages you.

Embrace Grace not yourself. Leap into the depths of grace and be drowned in His goodness.

Lose yourself for good to find the excellent riches of gaining Christ. Amen

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